Here are some sites you should visit: where you'll find all the sounds you want . the official site of the newsgroup the official site of the newsgroup nfsf. from where I got the scripts. A very nice site. you can download the episodes of season 5 in Real Player. You'll need first. this site is my favourite for the pictures. hey! this guy invented the magnadoodle on screen! looking for the lyrics of Coppacabana, With or Without You, or even Smelly Cat? You'll find every song here. the best  David Schwimmer site, by LoraJ. very nice site, in french. Anne Iston is a regular of the french newsgroup Alex Washtell's site, who also created the ATF site. This site is dedicated to Jennifer Aniston. ^Xander^'s site, in french, a regular of the french newsgroup. Roni Raab's site (I thank her for the pics she allowed me to take from her site). thanks for the pics I was allowed to take from the site. Great Ross and Rachel site, BTW! Sandy and Equedvil's website, regulars of the newsgroup. A site to visit! The site Boys Will Be Boys dedicated to Matthew Perry by Lauran Mitchell. To see for the vidcaps mostly. A great site!